Disney Looking To Turn HULU Into A Pay Site

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Disney executive Rober Iger who took a share of News Corp’s Hulu may force the site into a Pay Service.

The main reason that Hulu is so popular as a content provider is that visitors can view free content and not feel underlying guilt associated with downloading shows from a Torrent or other unofficial site.

The fact is HULU already has a monetization model where 4 to 6  times throughout a show episode the viewer is forced to see advertising.

Not to mention that 90% of the content on HULU is stale … weeks, months even decades old content that no one will watch even on obscure cable tv networks is placed on the site in hopes that it will attract a few viewers.

Oh well thats fine  we have the choice not to watch.

The fact is if HULU does not progress into a live or limited delay delivery service there is little chance anyone will pay to view TJ Hooker shows or last seasons Hells Kitchen if they have already seen it.

Iger is really off base on this and although there will be a few visitors willing to pay his estimated 50 cents an hour for a single show few if any will want to fork out monthly subscriptions for access to I Dream Of Jeanie or the few crappy movies they have in their listings.

I know I won’t be one of their paid customers.