Walmart Adds New Free Shipping Option For Online Purchases in time for Black Friday

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Faced with Macy’s and Amazon offering free shipping options for their customers it seems that the world’s largest retailer has now got into the game.

This is not bad timing for Walmart because Black Friday is just around the corner and lots of customers that may have turned elsewhere may decide that sticking with the place that has a brick and mortar outlet just down the street is a pretty good idea just in case you need to return something.

The new free shipping option is for orders in specific departments and merchandise within those departments that qualify. This is really no different then the Amazon plan because many of the products on Amazon do not qualify especially if they are from third party sellers.

The first option has been in place for a while now and it is free shipping to your local store. This option is useful when you want to buy an item that is only available online but want to pick it up at the store to check it before you finalize the sale.

Pickup in store is also available for items that can be purchased either online or in your local store. And you should check availability at surrounding stores if they are within your driving distance because Super Walmarts always carry more product and often different products.

The new option is ship to your home for purchases over $45. Now this is a little higher then the Amazon level of $25 for free shipping but it is still not bad when you consider you can group purchases to meet that $45 plateau.

Another option is Site to Local Fedex Office and that expands your options on the number of products that can be shipped for free.

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