Ebay Raises Fee Structure – Tricking Users To List Free But With Higher Total Costs

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cashIt seems that Ebay needs more items listed on their auction site and to do so they have decided to waive the Listing Fee for the First 5 Items you sell…..


If you look at the deal closer you will find that the final fee they charge has gone up to not only recapture the losses of those first 5 free listings but you may endup paying much much more in the end.

Ebay final fee will not be tiered for the first 5 items meaning the price you will pay if your item sells could increase drastically.

After the fifth item sells you will return to a structure that is similar to the old system.

If you sell part time on EBAY or just a few items a month this will most likely hurt you more then it will big dealers that sell thousands of items a day.

So before you sell … check the fee structure and decide if its worth it..

Remember although EBay is the biggest there are otherĀ  avenues for selling things that can cost less or nothing at all.