Memory Of Steve Jobs and His Contributions To The World

Filed under: Industry News am a professionally trained designer and I have to say the invention of the Macintosh really released design to the masses. Now for $3500 you could get a Mac Plus and produce a quality of publication that would have taken a team and tens of millions of dollars in typesetting equipment.

The bad part about Apple was it was a closed system.. you had to be approved to make applications and still do. This was a hold over from propitiatory workstations from SUN and SGI and it hurt them once windows 3 and 95 finally started catering to multimedia.

Apple as a computer platform is no longer a reasonable solution but they started developing iPhones and now iPads .

The iPad will do for computing what desktop computers did back in the 1980’s ..

Eventually Tablet PCs will replace normal computers for a large portion of our work. Businesses will use them in the field and mount them in Docks in offices that attach keyboards .. or voice recognition will improve to the point a keyboard is not needed as often.

Like everyone Jobs bought or stole ideas…

But unlike anyone else … he got those dreams into our hands.. and he made them usefull not garbage.

Did anyone think when watching Mr Spock use his tricorder that we would have an iPad that is more powerful then what was on StarTrek? … well its not perfect … but its getting there.

Jobs Helped the world and for that he deserves a great thanks..

And in his spare time he made Animated films to make children and adults laugh a bit…

Not a bad life

Good Job Steve