Windows 8 Developer Preview Available For Download

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Microsoft has made available a developer preview of the next version of their operating system but will people accept its new style? Most large buyers are saying they will skip this OS just like they did Vista and Me and if the visuals we have seen are representative of this new OS I probably will too.

Having been a Windows XP Pro user until my computer finally gave up on me this summer and forced me to run down to my local.. compusa and build one out of parts with a store associate trailing me for an hour so he could get his commission I will be hard pressed to upgrade to an OS that looks more like a phone interface then a dependable platform for getting work done.

Now you will have the option of a win7 / xp interface but eventually they are going to push their OS into a media center interface .. and windows 8 is another step in that direction.

Another problem I have with the new OS solutions from MS, Google, Apple and others is the move to have consumers store all of their data remotely.. and hopefully they think it will be on their servers.

This is definitely a security and privacy problem and you better believe that all of your data will be accessible when they have a grip on it. … yea we all know they have backdoors into our systems but at least they actively have to access our computers rather then simply accessing their own.

So, Will you migrate to this type of OS?

One that is more like a menu selection for cable tv ppv services… with stupid ass widgets that idiots will exclaim their master of … but actually perform no good use.

One that is promoting the remote storage of your data? Where they have all your stuff.

I don’t know but it seems this is the move that they all are making and eventually we won’t have a choice…

Because like me one day your computer is going to crash and you are going to be picking out motherboards and evaluating cpu speeds on the fly for cost benefit .. or maybe you won’t even get that much of a choice.

Anyway you read all this …

Here is the link

As for my new computer i built from compusa.. it is decent but I would have saved at least $70 if I made purchases online.. I got a couple rebates but I got wacked on some of the prices because I really had no other choice.. I had to buy it right then, go home build it and be online in a couple hours. I suggest you don’t do this.. but who has the choice when your MB fries.