Is Google Affiliate Network Losing their Best Advertisers?

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I have noticed that quite a few advertisers have been jumping to other services and abandoning Google Affiliate Network in the past couple months.

This normally wouldn’t bother me if it was mid level or smaller brands that often never pay their affiliates but it seems some of the larger ones are leaving too.

The whole TigerDirect/compusa/circuitcity has moved to LinkShare which isn’t such a bad affiliate network. I am skeptical about their stats from time to time but they actually pay pretty well.. I would say on par with ppc or ppv advertising.

Lowes which I was happy to get ads from is going to the evil Commission Junction..

I actually got so fed up with the hundreds of thousands of ad views from CJ that never generated a penny of income that I not only walked away from CJ by removing their ads… I actually closed my account with them. This means if I want to go back with Lowes which really matches one of my sites content I would have to start a new account with CJ.

I will miss lowes but there is no way I’m going with CJ again.. I just don’t have it in me to waste time on setups and account management to never end up getting paid. And I am talking years of clicks and too many views to even think about…. But I signed up with them as a banner holding place figuring maybe the empty spot in my pages would pay off… never did.

I honestly believe the reason I never saw a CJ payment was accounting and statistics..

You may have better results and just before I left NewEgg Joined them and I did see some sale activity within just weeks.

Anyway with the combination of Nexus Tax Laws and advertisers jumping ship… what do you guys think about Affiliate Marketing vs PayPerView and PayPerClick ads?

I think it is probably going to be the end of it eventually but we will see.

And I mean that for All affiliate sales vs basic banner ads… not just Google or the others ..