Twitter is showing Images And Reviews In Sidebar for Links

Are you an affiliate Marketer? Do you post deals to Twitter featuring links?

Well if you do you may have noticed that Twitter started to insert images and reviews in your sidebar just like they do for YouTube videos.

You will be happy to learn that the buy buttons and links in the sidebars do contain your affiliate link.

I was a little bit worried about that when I first saw the new feature and wondered if I would have to relink my quick Twitter Deals that I tweet directly while browsing

In other Amazon news the Product Feed API is still sucking really hard.

I have a couple sites that use the API and my stores are constantly down because of Google Bots and other bots indexing them 24/7.

This means I get lots of links indexed but my stores don’t work when customers arrive.

I have really been considering limiting access to my stores and have already shutdown most of them that are not directly resourceful for my site content.

If you make use of the Store API and have problems with the limits on hits per hour send a comment I would be very interested in how you manage to keep your stores up and also get links indexed.

I use the MrRats Script it seems to be about the best out there..