HowTo – Taking A Peek At Your WordPress Options Table

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Sometimes when you are debugging a problem with your WordPress Website you want to take a look at all of the settings in your Options Table without launching a database editor.

The WordPress Options table is a place where plugins and WordPress store setting about your install. Not every option that may be needed is stored in this table and you will notice that the more complex a plugin is the more likely that the designer will use their own options table to reduce clutter in your main WordPress Options table.

With that said it is sometimes worth a look to see if you can find a setting quick without going through all of the various pages of settings …. ever try to find where you set your uploads directory? Yea it is someplace in there I know I set it …

To access the WordPress Options Table Page browse to the All Settings page that must be called directly from your browser after you login.

Changing settings can be performed with a Save at the bottom of the page but don’t go crazy and start using this All Options as your primary settings page.. you will notice that All Setting are available here and if you make a mistake because you don’t fully understand what the option is doing or how that setting effects everything else you could run into trouble.