Fake Apple Stores Showing Up In China

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Filed under should you really give a K$#@ there have been reports of a large number of fake apple stores showing up in large shopping centers in China.

As you can imagine although they give it a good shot the fakes are pretty easy to spot… Some of the store signs have American and Chinese descriptions and of course the American part is always spelled wrong. I mean if you spell STORE… STOER on your main sign and people don’t pick that up.. yea well.

It seems that  most customers really don’t care if the stores are copies or not as long as they are getting real products… or ones that will fool their friends and potential dates at the bar into thinking they have a real product.

With all of Apple’s products being manufactured in China what can you expect. Obviously the specs for the designs have been shared with other companies and it wouldn’t be so unbelievable to hear that the deaths at Foxxcon where Apple products are made were due to workers being forced to run a third shift just to make batches of blackmarket models.



Anyway if you happen to visit China to pickup some fake apple products make sure you ask for this guy.

Honestly I could care less if Apple gets pirated in China. They moved their production to China to save money and employ people under dangerous conditions. There was just a big explosion at one of their plants and people died.

They make it impossible for developers to work with their products unless you are willing to give them a 50% or more cut.

Honestly … I say Good for them… but maybe they should sell android instead.

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