Lots Of Buzz About Google Voice But Could There Be Privacy Issues?

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iphoneGoogle Voice is a new service still in Beta that allows you to manage all of your phone lines from one online interface.

The idea is that everyone has a number of Phones they need to answer… Home Landline, VOIP, Cellphone, Work Phone… and Google wants you to be able to manage these lines like your own personal PBX.

If your work line rings and you are out on the road you can have it forward to your cell or you can listen in without them knowing on your cell as someone leaves you a message and decide to answer or not.

You can also record any conversation and it will be stored online.

You can add as many phones as you want.

You can share phone lines with family or roommates.

There are a number of other features but you get the idea. Basically you got a lot of phones and you want access to those lines on the phone that you are currently at all at once and you want to manage how everything works.

This is kinda like having a single email account that gets email cc’d to it from all your other accounts.

Not a bad idea for a service but can you imagine the dangers that come with it?

What if someone adds your line to their account and you dont know.. it seems that they could listen in on your conversations in the background and you would never know.

Also if you can record your own messages that means google can record every one of your messages. I am not saying they would do it but they do have the ability.

Not to mention if someone hacks your account.

What if someone adds your phone line to their account and then uses their phone to answer your calls and phishes some personal info like your credit card account or is it posible that they could make an exiting call with your Phone Number using their own pay as you go cell phone and cause you all types of havoc.

Seems pretty dangerous… and you know there will be horor stories.

Maybe people just need to step it down a notch.

Is there need and good features that justify Goggle Voice… YES

Is it something I would trust with my personal info… Probably not at this time.

I guess thats why its still in beta but then again is GMail Still in Beta?