FaceBook To Shutdown TeaParty Accounts Before Election

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Earlier this year Facebook had announced a position for then exiting Robert Gibbs who is the spokes person for the President’s Administration at Press Conferences. Even if you don’t know the guys name you probably saw him over the past few years when he was answering questions at the podium in front of reporters almost every day.

Now at about the same time that Robert Gibbs was announced as a new hire at facebook we also found out that the administration had placed top level people inside other organizations such as Comcast which was just about to purchase NBC / MSNBC and Universal.. and also inside Google.

Then just after the Egyptian overthrow of the government we saw that the President himself held quite a bold meeting with about 10 Billionaires in the Tech / Social Media business. All the top people were there including google / youtube, facebook and others.

At that time there was question as to whether the President would influence the election by leveraging his friendship and placement of persons inside of these social media giants.

You really have to have closed eyes to not understand the head of many news companies are leaning to one side of the political spectrum but when it comes to social media the people that are members usually have control over what content is uploaded or messaged …

It seems that this is not the truth anymore.

If you noticed over the past few months Google is now requiring a verified account to allow you to signup or even access your old YouTube accounts. This means if you make a political statement on YouTube they will have a link to your Cellphone and know exactly who you are.

They will also be providing this information to their executives.. who happen to be part of the president’s administration.

Now to Facebook and the TeaParty

I happen to chat on a Twitter hashtag that is not politically related but like many people today they all have politics on their mind.

I have seen people posting in the past couple weeks about notices they are receiving where the TeaParty account that they are running or linked to is going to be shutdown.

Now since social media is a big part of the web today I really found it strange that Facebook would actually go as far as to shutdown one side of a political debate.

After all the more that people use FaceBook the more that FaceBook earns.

However I took a longer look and chatted with a few people and it seems that at least 10 major groups on Facebook that cater to TeaParty members are being closed. And without revealing anyone’s names or accounts let me just say these groups are not small 10,000 to 30,000 member accounts these are some pretty large accounts.

But even if they were small accounts would it really matter….?

It seems that Facebook has chosen a side in an election that is over a year away.

They are picking a winner because of some type of interaction or friendship or some other unspoken reason.

Now I am not saying this will backfire for Facebook it may not even get noticed right away or ever but the fact is if a major social network can chose a side and limit conversation and at the same time collect large amounts of data on their membership…. well gees Harriet did the communists win in WW2 or what???

Yea that is pretty scary.

I mean where does this go next?

Anyway I thought a few people may want to know about this before it becomes a big deal.. or maybe it never will.

Maybe … the secret police in black helicopters are circling right now… HAHAHA gees … but it is getting real isn’t it.