Would You Pay $300 To Attend A TechCrunch Event… They Think You Will

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The 11 hour event including what they call a CrunchUp and a party after … gees 11 hrs? … will happen on July 10th in a Movie Theatre and Speakers and panelists from Facebook, FriendFeed, Microsoft, Salesforce, Seesmic, and Tweetmeme will be there….

For $295 you can be there too WEEEEE…

This is their fourth annual event meaning the last three years people must have forked out cash to go to the event.

So far their listed attendees number about 100 people.

If you have nothing else to do and $300 in your pocket that you don’t want to spend on a new IPhone a Motherboard or 600 dominoes pizzas… signup for a ticket..


Then come back and tell us what happened.