iBOOM – Third iPad Factory Worker Dies

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Foxconn announced a third employee has died as a result of injuries sustained in that explosion on May 20 inside the factory that makes iPads.

In a statement, Foxconn revealed that 15 others were injured in the accident, and six of the injured had been treated in a hospital and released.The explosion originated in “one of the polishing workshops at our company’s Hongfujin Precision Electronics Chengdu Co. Ltd. facility in Chengdu,” according to the Foxconn statement.

The company is still investigating the cause of the accident, but said the initial findings show “the accident was caused by an explosion of combustible dust in a duct.”All production at the factory has been halted, but the company expects to resume operations on Tuesday.

Foxconn the primary producer of all of Apple’s products has been plagued with fatalities however in the past many have been suicides. This lead to the company installing netting around the first floor of the building to catch workers that try to jump to their death.

One can only imagine what type of working conditions would lead workers to try to jump to their deaths in a four story factory. The height would just as likely cause permanent but sustainable trauma leaving them paralyzed and severely injured rather then dead.

So all you rich bastages that run out and grab the newest Apple Product and complain about lines … remember there is blood in those devices…