HowTo – Using Significant Content To Drive Site Traffic

There are a number of quick and easy ways to generate traffic but how do you take the next step?

Providing significant content.

By significant I mean not only an abundance of  content but content of good quality and relative importance.

Every SEO adviser will tell you that incoming links will only get you that initial view. If the person reaching your site is turned away by your content they will not take the time to read it and they will not take the time to visit the rest of your site.

For instance everyone sees these sites offering tips about ebay, getting 500,000 twitter followers in a day or making money as a bloger.

Now you may click a link knowing you are going to one of these sites just so you can satisfy your curiosity and thats ok but will you browse their site once you see its content? Will you bookmark it and tell your friends or return again if you happen to see the sites url talking about another subject.

The fact is MOST people will not give sites like that a second look. And believe me even though your site might not be selling a $49.99 packet of Ebay Tips the same rule applies to you.

Tips for generating Significant Content

Provide content that requires some investment of time and research. Sure you can talk about how your new IPhone update wiped out all of your contacts but a quality page should go into how you overcame this problem and what others can do to make sure it won’t happen to them. No matter what your content do the work.

Don’t look for that Viral Solution.  If you spend your time writing for search engine bots or trying to come up with that video that will get 10 million hits in a day you won’t have anything to offer your visitors after that initial sugar rush.

Look at your competitor’s websites. I am not saying steal what they are doing but you should understand where your content ranks against other sites. If you find sites with big numbers are attracting users by talking about one subject matter over another you might want to adjust your content to be relative to what is currently most popular. On the other hand don’t get carried away with it. If the top 20 sites in your category all have very similar content try to find your own niche. There is probably no way that you can compete against ESPN if you are publishing raw baseball stats but maybe you can find a way to generate a connection between players, teams, picks to show a pattern people may be interested in.

Use your statistics. You should keep and use statistics about your visitors to the fullest.  If you talk about Hollywood Stars you want to not only track hits to your pages when you first publish them but also when there are new events that you have not yet covered. If your stat program allows you to follow your users clicks understand what stories cause single page views and what ones generate internal traffic.

Final Note

Remember you can waste your time writing tons of garbage that get you a 5 second page view and a trip by your visitor right back to google or you can generate content that will keep their interest over time.

Generating single hits rarely will build your visitor base and a good visitor base even if not HUGE is directly proportional to your income.

So don’t worry about getting a Million visitors an hour worry about getting enough quality traffic that will generate long term relationships.