Hotmail Going POP3 – Outlook Express Users Must Make Changes

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microsoft_logoAlmost a year to the date when Microsoft announced the removal of access to hotmail accounts through Outlook Express http protocol a new improved announcement is released.

Hotmail if you didn’t know allows access to users of Outlook Express much in the same way you would any other mail account but the transfer of data is different.

This kept users of the popular service managing more then one email client because many of us wanted to get their mail on their computer and not have to log into the webmail to retrieve and sort messages.

So last year in May or June Microsoft sent out an announcement letter to their millions of hotmail account users telling them they are turning off the service and from now on you will have to use the WebMail…

Many people got ticked off an moved accounts that they had for years with hotmail to Gmail who offers POP3 access along with other methods.

Well 11 months later and Microsoft seems to have got the message … this time they will turn off the proprietary Outlook Express Http access but they are allowing you to use POP3.

Last years mistake was probably one of the biggest Microsoft ever made.

Yes we all boot up on Windows ME … but while working all day we use Hotmail to send messages to friends, family and Work.. notice how I separated Work, Family and Friends heheh .

So anyway if you use Hotmail then make the change to Pop3 by the end of August… Go do it now so you don’t forget..