Google Sync is Disabling Microsoft Desktop Search – smell a lawsuit?

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google_logo_smSeems like the search thingies that Google and Microsoft are trying to get on to our desktops are not compatible.

Installing Google’s sync plug-in will disable Windows Desktop Search for Outlook. As a consequence, users won’t be able to search for data in the e-mail and calendar application.

Once it is installed you will need to remove it then make a Registry change to get Desktop Search working again.

The Google Ap allows users to use Google Services with Outlook without the need for an Exchange Server. This can greatly reduce infrastructure costs for small to medium sized businesses that are willing to expose themselves to off site email and service hosting.

Probably not a great thing to do (hosting potential confidential info off site) but what can you do some people just never will learn.

A fix for the problem is in the works if your stuff is broken then you want to contact Microsoft’s support site to get it working again until the updates are available.