If Facebook Hires Obama’s Robert Gibbs Can We Expect Political Bias?

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In the past few months some relieving information has come to light in how the new Silicon Valley is linked to Politics.

Everyone knows that social networking played a big part in the 2008 election. Maybe it started at YouTube with primary election debates being sponsored and covered and later on question and answer programs that allowed people to ask questions of candidates.

However if you looked closely at the YouTube contributors as I did you probably found that a huge number of contributors on the social network site were people outside of the country.  When American Candidates get millions of followers and supporters outside of the country it can get offensive to realize they are swaying our elections. I personally got in heated debates with people from Europe, Africa and Japan all who were for a specific candidate and who squelched debate of people in the USA.

So, before we start attacking Facebook lets be up front and explain that Google had its startup partly funded by Federal Tax Dollars.. they have also employed not only government employees with a technical background but also ones with political backgrounds.

AOL / Huffington the new monster on the block has a variety of different sources of funding and without any bashfulness is being run by arianna huffington one of the most outspoken political activists in any form…

In the past few days we found out that Facebook is considering hiring another Washington insider Robert Gibbs. Gibbs will be taking the position of communications director or some such title and was previously the front man for the Obama administration acting as Press Secretary or Senior Disinformationist.

Lets get this straight in all administrations and all governments around the world whether national or even our local school district meetings the people who act on behalf of our government offices are normally not working on behalf of the citizen… meaning they are there to act as a firewall and protect the government from the press and the people.

So again lets be outright and plain speaking..

Facebook has had a few bad years of security problems releasing information about their members for a variety of reasons including profit. They have often changed their settings and terms in the middle of the night with no prior notice and no way to opt out or give feedback before changes take place.

We are also seeing more outside websites allow facebook tracking cookies and logins with facebook account connections. This means you can be tracked back to your facebook account if you visit a politically related or news site and then voice your opinion about political events.

Do you login to FoxNews or CNN or a Newspaper Site or even a random blog someplace run by a random person or even yourself with your facebook account and complain about high taxes or government programs?

Well if you use your true identity on Facebook WHICH I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU DO NOT… EVER… then it can be tracked back to you.

So you login to your friends wordpress site and he puts up a piece about federal funding for testing of monkeys and the ability to train them to write blog posts… And you say something like… that is a waste of my tax dollars… or maybe something a little stronger..

Well with Robert Gibbs directing communication .. with the numbers of other people in many of the high profile websites we all use that can be tracked back to our government .. not just facebook or google or AOL but almost every large site… and many smaller ones… you can bet they are compiling a database about you.

For instance every Tweet on Twitter is being logged by the Library of Congress…  they can track that back to your phone if you use an app for that… they can track it directly back to you if you sign up with real credentials.. and they can log your IP and GEOTags to know exactly were you were when you made such a comment…

Privacy is about gone..

However the first amendment protects anonymous free speech…. meaning there are times when you need to voice your opinion anonymously because of fear of reprisal or just being an outcast..

Can you imagine if everything you said and did and thought could be tracked back to you and if it was public for everyone to see? I am sure we all have things we would be embarrassed about.

Well it can be.. all of it.. It just depends on how interested the people in charge are in what you are saying and doing.

If the police want to do this they need a Judge’s Approval and a Wire Tap…

If a Political Activist wants to do this … all they need is a job at a big social network .. and access to your account.

This time it is Gibbs… next time it will be someone else.

OH WAIT…. thinking that too?

Yea…. you can bet you don’t have to wait for next time.. and that there are people within all of these companies on every side…. in every political group … from every country…

And they probably know you better then you know yourself.

Take another look at the Facebook photo above .. notice the date Sept, 2008… yea the already got you.