Should I Buy Links To Improve My Search Engine Rank?

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Back links are probably one of the most important ways to get higher search engine placement but it is important to get the right links to push your placement.

For the most part that means you can’t buy links on the right sites and you can’t go out and generate a bunch of free websites to promote your links. This practice is called link farming and because Search Engines depend on advertising they are always hunting down link farms and excluding them from their databases.

Even so you will still see companies claiming they can place 10,000 good links to your site for $495.99….. Don’t fall for this. The best way is to have good content that visitors will back link or share with friends. Not to mention the fact that if your site is included in a weblink farm you may end up on a black list once the search engine company blocks the farm from their database.

Becoming popular is relatively slow at first unless you have a large advertising budget. Google recommends that a publisher write at least 500 unique pages before they begin to evaluate their websites placement.

For an average Blogger even a commercialized website with just one or a few writers this can mean weeks or months before enough good content is available for both your viewers and for webbots to evaluate.

In our other Guides we will go over methods that can improve not only your traffic but your retention of visitors. We will also cover how to implement an ad campaign and how to ad advertising to your site.

So, pretty much as you probably thought if something seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Value your visitors by making good content and they will return the favor by linking back to you.