Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Joins AOL / Huffington

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Twitter is losing one of their co-founders to the horror of AOL/Huffington the new monstrosity that was birthed out of a backassed deal where AOL bought Huffington Post then gave everything to Ariana Huffington to run. Kinda reminiscent of that Fiat deal where a tiny Italian car maker was given American Tax Dollars to buy Chrysler.

Anyway it seems Biz will be fostering the propaganda machine and “will focus on cause-based initiatives, including the development of a platform to facilitate people doing service in their communities, as well as the creation of a video series spotlighting companies and executives at the forefront of philanthropy.”

In other words he will be setting up ways to channel money to organizations that are fronts for groups that have a political agenda. … Hey it worked for Egypt why not try it in America?

The fact is fewer people visit AOL then visit Yahoo and no one goes to Yahoo anymore.

The bad part about this unholy union over at AOL is that at least some of their content is unmatched by other sources. These categories are basically set around entertainment and along with AOL’s branded sites they also put out a number of co-branded or alias type sites people may never think are owned by AOL.

I guess you can grasp from my writing that I am not a fan of the AOL/Huffington deal … I believe it was one of the worst deals I have ever seen either in Internet Technologies or just in General Business… but then again I don’t have billions of dollars to throw around. If executives want out of the business they are going to find a way to get paid no matter what type of deal they need to make.

I am sure for the most part everything will remain pretty much as it is at AOL but like an infection it will abscess and fester into gang green eventually taking over the host and killing it.

I just find it slightly distressing to watch one of the first and largest online companies kicked around for decades and finally go out this way… then again the people that started and built AOL to the giant they once were are long gone so that is something.

OK get back to work and stop reading this :o)