DDOS Attacks At WordPress.com Cause Havoc For Popular Blog Sites

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Looks like there was an attack against one of WordPress.com’s non-english commercial websites.

At about 10 am today Matt Mullenweg the CEO of WordPress.com announced …

There’s an ongoing DDoS attack that was large enough to impact all three of our data centers in Chicago, San Antonio, and Dallas–it’s currently been neutralized but it’s possible it could flare up again later, which we’re taking proactive steps to implement.

This is the largest and most sustained attack we’ve seen in our six-year history. We suspect it may have been politically motivated against one of our non-English blogs but we’re still investigating and have no definitive evidence yet.

If the attack was large enough to take out their data centers then it is definitely something concerning for all hosting companies.

We will have to wait and see if more details are released.