Privacy Taken? You will no longer be able to sign in to YouTube without a Google Account

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If you tried to logĀ  into your YouTube account in the past few months you probably saw a notice page that was warning you that you could lose access to your account if you did not link your outside email to your youtube account.

For all of these weeks I have pressed no thanks and logged in with my hotmail account that I have been using for years.


It seems if you want to log into your YouTube Account you will now need a Google Email account.

This may not sound too intrusive at first but if you have not signed up for a GMail account for a while you may be more then just a little pissed off that you now need to connect your GMail account to a Mobile Telephone.

This act is nothing less then Google tracking your use of their site and whether you agree that a service provider has the absolute right to track you online you forget that they can also track your every move by getting your cellphone’s location.

They know exactly when you log in and out.. what videos you like or dislike… what videos you watch and comment on…. More specifically they know exactly who you are if you upload any political videos or any videos with social commentary…

This is very very intrusive but no one has really realized this yet.

Although there are times when we should all say who we are online that time is not when you are watching funny cat videos… or commenting on presidential candidates or social movements … or news video of drug dealers or other criminal goings on..

The need to be anonymous online even though none of us really are completely anonymous give us all the right and safety to voice our opinions about very serious matters.

I think Google has gone too far here and if they want to remain a primary location for user videos in the internet community where new media archive sites are now linked to twitter … Then Google needs to rethink this plan of attack on their users.

If not then Google will turn in to nothing more then a Government Front for People Watching…

And with many reports in the past few months about how Google has hired executives from the US Government / State Department and other offices people will lose trust in Google as fast as they turned to them many years ago because we all thought they were honest and had our backs.

So what will Google’s next step be?

Log-on before you can make searches?


They need to go back to offering anonymous email accounts and stop tracking every little thing we do.