After Banning Social Networks Last Month China Requires Internet Filter Software On Every Computer

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China has now made it policy that all computers shipped within its borders will come with Internet Filter Software.

The software called Green Dam-Youth Escort (… umm WHAT?) is said to be noninvasive and will not collect data from the users computer but it will block pornography.

This is probably not the worst idea to allow their citizens the ability to block porn …. especially if they have children but has China acted in ways in the past that will let them be trusted in this instance?

China just recently blocked all traffic to Twitter Facebook and a number of internet social network sites just prior to its anniversary of the Tienanmen Square protests. Chinese officials did not want younger users to talk and learn about this incident which is not spoken of publicly in China.

Jinhui Computer System Engineering developer of the product says that users will need to install the software once they receive the computer. Filtering is provided for five categories of content: adult/ pornography, extreme adult/pornography, violent games, homosexuality, and illegal activities/drugs.

This is really nothing new and anyone who has read an Operating System or Software Agreement Notice when installing products has probably come across statements that give away your rights. Note Windows OS Activation and upgrade Notices where they stated they can collect information from your system from time to time and use it in various ways.

So who really knows who knows what.