Sony Launches Unlimited Music Streaming Service With 6 Million Songs

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Sony Music Unlimited, which first debuted in the U.K. and Ireland, features six million songs from Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, EMI Music, and others was launched in the USA today.

To access the service you must have Sony Hardware such as a Playstation, Vaio computers, Televisions or DVD Players.

The service starts at $4 a month for Basic and $10 a month for premium and unlike other services is Ad Free.

The basic service is said to be like a radio station format where songs are streamed based on the type of music you select while the Premium service allows the customer to pick and choose from the millions of songs in their directory.

Sony reported intentions to leave the Apple Store earlier this week due to conflicts with a Sony Ap that Apple was blocking.

Google also announced today that they are considering creating a competitor to the Apple Store however they already offer a service for Android users so it will be interesting to see how far they get with distribution of content.

Personally I don’t expect a lot to come from this Sony Service they already tried to compete with YouTube by offering their own video website and they have a partnership distributing content through VEVO so it will be difficult to attract people to their in house offering when it is tied to their hardware.