HowTo – Building Content Should You Write Every Day?

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Many people say that the key to developing your blog or website is to write something every day.   Unfortunately for most of us that never turns out to be a realistic situation. Sure you can force a page of nothing out or maybe copy someone else’s work but in the end what you are doing is putting out something that no one wants to read… even yourself.

So, what are realistic goals and how do you judge if you are dedicated to your site or if maybe your resources are better spent on something else?

The first thing you have to realize is if you do not like something you will not deal with it … you will push off working on it until the last minute all the time and then you will pump out some garbage that is not worthy of sticking your name on.

I have had a few of these type sites in my many years of development. Sites that I feel could be profitable and they probably would have been if put in the right hands but for some reason I never felt the drive to keep them going or keep them current. However I am not alone and even many professionals in the entertainment field have left relatively decent sites go dormant only because they found a different toy to play with.

This is very apparent when I saw this one individual go from a WordPress site that was self managed and maintained not daily but many times a day as a diary to them jumping onto FaceBook and then Twitter. By the time this individual had progressed to Tweeting to their fans a few times a day instead of writing a page or two on their own site it was apparent they would never turn back. After about 2 years of their site sitting stagnant they eventually had their domain put into their management company’s control to feature tour dates and other updates. Actually if you go to their site now you will see Two or three links to songs they recently released and not much more.

All of their content is now being fed from Twitter and the various image and video hosting sites. None of it makes them any money however previously they did not run google ads on their WordPress site. Well actually they may make the 5 cents a view on YouTube but none of the rest of it is monetized.

So, there are a number of reasons that people do not continue writing posts to their site but is it realistic believing that pumping out 365 pages a year is really going to make a difference?

In actuality no.

If you are trying to attract millions of visitors to your site with only a single new page a day you might as well just bail on it now because it will never happen.  Even if you were to write 10 pages a day that would only be about 3 thousand pages of content and the work that would be required to provide readable content that people will enjoy is probably more then an individual… even one that can type extremely fast can commit to day after day.

So What is the Reality in building your own content?

First it must be of decent quality. You don’t want to babble about nothing all day every day.

It must also stand on its own because this is what will happen. Eventually you will see that some of the posts you write attract a large number of people while others seem to get little or no views.

At that point you have a decision… do you follow your visitors in hopes that you hit that special key or do you continue on your way and hope that other posts are just as interesting to visitors and attract readers for many weeks and years to come.

My suggestion is that you do not chase your visitors until you see a pattern.

The fact is if you write about a subject you are likely to write similar pieces over time.  Then and only then if you see that the similar content is attracting people should you continue on that path as an experiment.

After you have managed your site for a while you will see that some visitors have little relation to your own topics and this is a time where you may want to allow visitors to generate their own content. That is a dramatic step actually walking away from the decision making but if you are lucky there will be enough interest in specific topics that content generated by your visitors far outpaces your own content.

You end up becoming a guide instead of a teacher and your success will actually increase exponentially.

So, should you write every day?

Maybe but you may find that not writing as often can be more enjoyable and profitable.