China Blocks Twitter Due To Tienanmen Square Anniversary

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twitter_logoJust two days before the anniversary of Tienanmen Square China has blocked all access to a number of social networking and communications websites including Twitter and Hotmail.

This has lead to a hashtag battle were Chinese people are finding way to tweet to #fuckgfw
a protest word announcing that they are giving the middle finger to the Chinese Government.

This reminds me didn’t President B.O. just appoint an Internet Czar who is suppose to be able to shut down entire sections of the Internet at anytime?

Sounds like China to me.

Got to love it we have lost total control over our country.

GM just got Bought by Prez B.O. who thought they would ever see a day when GM would endup being a state run company WHOLLY CRAP! They spent 50 Billion dollars for GM and its stock was only worth 2.5 billion dollars.

Its amazing if they apply that to everything they do we are so screwed but the good thing is there is no way to stop them since they control the Presidency, Senate and House….

Its just amazing to see our country taken over from within but That is what Castro said would happen 30 years ago…. Hard to believe he was right.

Anyway good luck to you Tweeters in China.