Investigation That New iPad iPhone Made By Child Labor

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Foxconn one of China’s largest electronic manufacturers and also the main manufacturer for Apple products just went through a review where about 10% of its factories were found to employ children under 16 years old.

The image to the right is an actual child working at a Foxconn plant that could have made your iPhone.

Thats kinda impressive when you think about it and why can’t adults in America make these products if small children can do the work in China… that is my first thought.

However the investigation shows that somewhere around 100 sites were investigated and about 100 child workers were found working. In total there were about 40 major violations and one plant told Apple that they have no plans to comply with age requirements.

Apple did stop production at that one location but because it is of the same company what does it really matter? Shouldn’t their full production be put on the line when children are being used in other parts of the company?

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t really care and because Apple will not start production lines in the USA where American Children could be employed this seems rather unfair.

I just got to say Mr Jobs you are near death and you and your friends like Bill Gates need to start putting some of the money you earned back into American Jobs.