Google Chrome Extension Lets You Block Websites From Search Results

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For people using google chrome the new browser will allow you to block search results based on returned domain. Meaning if you find sites in the search results that are normally spammy you will have the option below the search result to click a button and hide that domain from all future results.

I am not sure how I like this but it will give users some options in their results.

On the one hand sites will go into a blocked list but if Google keeps those lists local rather then accumulating user input and blocking sites in their actual results it may not be so bad.

On the other hand you can imagine how this could be abused if Google is tracking these blocks and applying them to their general search results.  Sites that are not actually spam but not the exact result the user was looking for could accumulate enough blocks to place it on a delete list.

The fact is who’s standard is being applied? is it someone that has half a brain or is it some SuperBieberFan from Brazil asshammering results to make google a Justin Bieber only search engine.

Between unmarked but promoted results and sites that endup favorites of the search giant it seems developers of sites will need to adjust their content not for their readers but to comply or get around many of these new blocking methods.