Do We Really Need The Proposed .GAY Domain?

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A new controversy has begun with the promotion of the adoption of a domain geared towards Gay content. Previously the sex industry was targeted with a .xxx domain and although some developers of adult content thought it was a good idea many others thought that adult content should be forced to move to a .xxx domain to both free up .com domains and to force providers into an area where they could more easily be controlled.

This new controversy has begun with the .gay domain and in a similar way it is revealing a double edged sword.

Scott Seitz the founder of a Gay Marketing Organization SPI Marketing is spearheading this new domain and says “We’re getting ready to see the Internet reborn again in a very different way,”

I think if he has his way he wants to capture large amounts of revenue targeting advertising for gay content readers.

American Express, Pepsi, Subaru, and Coors Light are also onboard with Seitz who says he will hold back the top names such as and convert them into indexes. Indexes that he will heavily market advertising on.

He says that not allowing him to market to the Gay Community in this way is in his words “It’s problematic, and it’s discrimination on a terrible level,”

Gee maybe I should start a .straight domain and market to everyone he isn’t marketing to…

This is not discrimination this is creating and controlling a subculture of his own fantasy where he gets to tell the gay community where to shop, which doctor to use and how to find information about AIDS..

The guy is a little twisted.. no he is a lot twisted…

Anyway share your remarks if you want I would like to hear what you think about a Marketer using a community in this way for profit.