HowTo – Using Widget Logic Plugin For Conditional Control Of WordPress Widgets

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As you will find there are many ways to control which content is displayed on your pages depending on a variety of conditions. By writing php in your theme files you can make use of a number of WordPress’s Conditional Statements to restrict display of menus to your front page by using a call likeĀ  is_home or you can restrict display of some item to a single post is_single('17') .

However when you start adding plugins that provide widgets that are added to your sidebars from within your appearance menu it becomes difficult to impossible to control each widget in this way independently through your theme files.

The Widget Logic plugin adds this option to your widgets when you place them in design mode by entering the conditional tags that you want applied for each widget.

For instance you could have paged content or you could have a widget placed on all of your posts and if the user is not logged inĀ  they would see a join now link or a loggin link.

You can add wordpress calls or PHP or use widget logic to rewrite your current widgets giving you control without the need to edit the plugin code manually.

This is really a tool that all wordpress administrators should have in their arsenal.

The options are up to you and they are pretty limitless.

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