Mark Zuckerberg Calls Police On His Facebook Stalker

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Mark Zuckerberg is  finding out what it is like to have his personal space violated after he had to call police and have a 300 foot keep away restraining order placed on 31-year-old Pradeep Manukonda who Zucherberg says has tried to “follow, surveil and contact him using language threatening his personal safety,” as well as threatening the safety of his girlfriend and sister.

This is really no joking matter.. the fact is crazy is crazy and whether you are a billionaire living in a great place in California or if you are making minimum wage and living in a not so nice location stalking can happen for many reasons …. many that aren’t even explainable.

In Mark’s case it seems the guy may have wanted some money.

It could be money, sexual obsession or hell just payback… the fact is there is no way to know until it happens.

Things you can do though is guard your privacy online and only avail yourself of  online businesses that share your same values of privacy.