Best Practices – Writing For SEO Or Writing For Social Networking

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Finding topics to write about should not really be a problem if it is then you are probably writing about the wrong things.

So, once you find your Niche how do you make the best of it?

Well some people can break Search Engine Optimization down to a Science but what about your visitors shouldn’t they come first?

The answer is always Visitors first because you can’t please every bot out there.

Google Microsoft Yahoo and dozens of other search engines are browsing the interwebs based on programmatic ideals of what should or shouldn’t be popular but everyone knows that word of mouth can work just as fast when it comes to getting attention for an idea.

All you have to do is login to your twitter account and look at how the HashTags move for a few hours and you will notice that people talk about the strangest things and ideas come from nowhere.

If you write static information that will never change then you should take the approach of SEO optimization but for most people out there… just start writing.

If you attract some attention people will tell their friends and link back to you.

If not then maybe you should pick a different topic and that is something we all need to consider from time to time.

Yes, read about and apply the concepts of attracting bots to get good page rank but also understand things often change faster then you can compensate for.

Most important is to write about something you are interested in or need to tell the world about. This will get you farther then remembering to use 5 <H> tags per page and adding scripts to change your image alt information.