WikiPedia Blocks Scientology IPs From Editing Pages

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Welp in the past few years the church of Scientology has gone through a number of situations where attacks have seemed to be pretty mutual.

People on YouTube gang together and post videos exposing some of the problems while Scientology members have been known to promote their ideas in ways that are not exactly truthful.

This has lead to Wikipedia banning a block of IPs that belong to the church and it comes after they found that people using those computer addresses have been making changes to the WikiPedia site in what could be called untruthful but what is more likely opinionated ideas instead of straight facts.

Now whether you believe Scientology should be a part of your life or not this is not the point but more so that an online resource for preliminary research has been effected by this.

We all use Wikipedia from time to time. Everyone has to understand that this resource is not one that can be trusted for exacting facts but one that can be used in search for more information.

Heck they often quote sources like free GeoCities websites and the authors can be anyone so PLEASE PEOPLE do not use Wikipeda for anything serious.

The blocking of IPs is serious in the world of the open internet. If WikiPedia had reason to believe there was malicious acts going on maybe they were right but if this is only about ideas where most of the ideas on Wikipedia do not get fact checked then this is just the beginning.

What about groups like ACORN or the DNC, RNCĀ  or groups outside the US editing information or adding to it things that may not be exactly correct…

It is a slippery slope when you begin this type of quieting of views.

Its one of those deals…. I may not agree with what you have to say but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it…

If WikiPedia thinks there was actions taken by people in those ip ranges then they should not only be banned but the FBI should be brought in to investigate and prosecute…. If the actions were not to that level that they required a propper investigation then all we have left is to wonder who is next…

Its not about Tom Cruise or Scientology or their Beliefs its about the right of someone who signs up and follows proper standards to edit documents on WikiPedia….

If the users violated something then Prosicute it … if not then remember blocking one group of IPs makes very little difference but it makes Wikipedia look like the are the moderators of ideas….

If that is true and they want to be Moderators of all content … they better watchout because they have already been sued for allowing some content which is considered illegal on their site… and they know what that content was and how they refuse to take it down claiming they are not moderators….

You Google I am not going to tell you what that content was because it was pretty dam sick.

Slippery slope …

All I can say is they better not start banning IPs from my Religion or the shits gonna hit the fan…