Google To Hire Over 6,000 Workers In 2011

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Google is going through some changes with the loss or firing of their CEO last week and an announcement this week that they will be hiring just over Six Thousand workers this year.

So far we have heard that around 1000 of the new workforce will be located in Europe where the company already has 5,000 workers.

Additionally dramatic increases will be made to Google’s African and Middle Eastern workforce.

The company says they are recruiting for positions equally between sales and technical staff.

Unfortunately if you happen to live in the USA there is no word if any of the positions will be located at their headquarters or any other location within their North American offices.

Thats pretty dam sad isn’t it?

However since the Groupon deal fell through we understand that they will be hiring people to build a Google Version of that service. Whether they will hire sales people in India or the USA … there is no word on that yet….

Anyway … If you’re looking for a job… good luck