Here We Go Again FaceBook Privacy Setting Releases YOUR Personal Data

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Privacy consultants are warning that a weekend change to the Facebook privacy agreement is now allowing third parties access to your personal information.

This information includes your home address and phone number.

Facebook responded to questions about their decision to expressly permit third party ap developers access to your home phone and address in a statement…..

“We want to make it easy for people to take the information they’ve entered into Facebook with them across the web. This new permission gives people the ability to control and share their mobile phone number and address with the websites and apps they want to use,”

Yea isn’t that special but the fact is most people do not want anyone to access this information not even the 37,000 friends they have made because they joined some fish poking radical group just to see what the heck it was all about.

So people when will it come to the point were enough is enough?

Hard to say … but just like GeoCities was once the home to the internet you can expect some day Facebook will be going out of business just like MySpace is.

It was fun while it lasted I guess…

At Least they got rich