Wolfram|Alpha isn’t sure what to do with your input. Because Its Sucking!

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So all the hype about this new search engine…. but it seems its not ready for prime time.

Wolfram is suppose to be a contender for Google as is being reported but what data does the search site have?

It seems it can answer questions only if it knows exactly what you want and if you don’t get an exact match you are likely to see that it is confused about your search.

Now you can’t expect a new search bot to gather everything in the world but often before a site like this goes live it will take weeks and months searching the web using anonymous bots that fill its database and then once live it will return results from around the world.

This new site is suppose to hold all of the data and not need to send you to an outside source.

Unfortunately the data it holds is pretty limited.

And you should understand that it is not a search engine it is a data resource.

This means it only contains data that is specifically collected.

How will wolfram work in your life?

Well the site is pretty much like an encyclopedia. If you need access to data it already holds then you can use it as a reference but if you are searching for information about concepts or use of data or news or other more useful data you are likely to find the site lacking.

This site will probably be useful for k-12 education and writing term papers.

But as of now all you are likely to find is…..

Wolfram|Alpha isn’t sure what to do with your input.