Record Industry Forces Google To Ban Searches For Music

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In what can only be considered an act of outright stupidity record industry organizations have approached Google and persuaded them to limit keywords that you can use to search for online music.

Google has responded by saying they will comply with the request and remove the auto complete suggestions from their search engine interface but the recording industry wants them to go farther and limit results of sites that connect people with pirate archives and torrents.

As a commentary to this situation I find it insane.

Record Companies fight to get their artists good placement on Google’s YouTube website and the record labels upload full songs from thousands of artists in high definition audio and video formats.


Not only can you listen to YouTube all day in the background by creating a playlist and letting it shuffel through music you like in a minimized browser there are tools that will allow you to download those videos.

Now before I go into suggesting what tools you can use to download videos from youtube … I am not going to do it.. and I dont suggest that you do..

but even if you didn’t go out and find a tool every computer has some type of audio recording software that allows you to connect a microphone to your computer and record things….  If you can play something on your computer you can record that same thing to a file using your operating system tools…

I mean come on now this is basic computing.


If Record Industry Groups want to keep their music off the internet then why do they place it there themselves?

Yes it is pretty useless to even get into this subject because whether you put a CD in your computer or fire up a YouTube video if you can play that music through your computer you can capture it to a file and build your own cd to give to that girlfriend to prove you are a complete idiot…