Google Fires Employee That Leaked Pay Raises To The Press

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Earlier today you probably heard about Google offering $1.000 per employee and a 10% increase in pay what you may not have heard yet is the person that leaked the memo just got fired.

No word yet as to whether they allowed the person to keep the $1,000 or who they were but most likely they were not one of the key developers for the company who now has 20,000+ employees.

As a matter of fact the $1,000 check they are giving out really doesn’t seem like much at all until you consider the number of people Google employees in India and other countries where $1,000 is definitely a few months if not most of a years salary.

Although it seems a little harsh you can almost understand it. Such small things can really cause an effect on stock prices and other negotiations but the thing is this information was going to get out.

Not a lot of companies are increasing pay at this time.. especially for all of their workers.

Well ….. all but one.