Google TV – Will You Be Watching It?

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Google is now reading a push of its online television service that is suppose to bring together all of the best features of online video and place them on your television.

Now as I am writing this I am trying to decide what I will do tonight since not a lot is on tv.. I can work.. which I probably will but since I missed last weeks debut of Hells Kitchen I will probably hit and catch what I missed.

I think a lot of people like the services of Hulu and there are others that provide online television.. most cable companies have some type of service including FanCast by Comcast which has never seemed to be accepted.

There is online radio and movie sites like Netflix and Amazon that stream a good number of decent movies and then there are the Youtubes and Funny or Die…. and once in a while a live concert on UStream.

With a larger proportion of people having a 1mbit or better download speed today many people who are connected can make use of online video in a format that comes close to broadcast television.  However will people accept Google Television?

All of the sites I run still get a random hit now and then from a WebTv user.. this was probably one of the first real attempts to merge the internet and television. However in this ap the tv was standard and internet was simply a browser.

Then again what is GoogleTv?
It is basically a media center internet browser that you output to your television. It comes either intergrated in a new Sony Flatscreen TV or by the way of a small box available from logitech. Neither are for sale yet.

Making use of the ap will require some specialized hardware to serve audio and video out and also wireless or IR mice, keyboards and remotes.

It really seems like a lot of work when you consider most people that have media centers will fill their boxes with thousands of songs or television that is recorded on a dvr ap along with movies and feed all of this through their home network.  Most of the time its to other PCs but once you have got to this point hooking it to your television is not a big jump.

Television studios now provide some limited online viewing but cable companies and pipe providers¬† are beginning to scream about the costs of supporting data pipes for all of this video content they are not being paid to provide. Yes sure its in your monthly internet contract but the truth is just like banks can’t let everyone withdraw their money all at once… internet providers can’t support every home or maybe two or three different tvs in each home watching HD video content.

Personally I dont think GoogleTv is going to offer me anything so great that I will dedicate a media center for my tv right now but the fact is I don’t rent movies from netflix or amazon and I only have basic cable.

It just seems like a lot of overhead when I can click once or twice and watch Hell’s Kitchen on my computer’s 22″ lcd.

Maybe by the time I update my 2 year old television … which will probably be in 5 or 6 or 10 years there will be a service worth adding but then again by that time who knows where we will be.