GoDaddy Is Up For Sale With An Expected 1 Billion Price

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It seems one of the best domain registrars may no longer be as Bob Parsons of has decided to put the business up for auction.

The expected sale price for the company that has yearly revenues of $800 million dollars a year is suppose to be around 1 Billion dollars.

Hopefully a good company will come in and purchase Godaddy which has been one of the most honest companies on the internet. When domain registrations were first released to general businesses the price for yearly registration fell sharply. Network solutions had until that time charged $75 a year which was too high for many of us to begin the process of building the internet.  After all when you are not making any money on a venture and you don’t have backers even $75 can prohibit young entrepreneurs from taking the jump but when Godaddy introduced $7 domains we saw huge numbers of  quality sites flood the internet.

We thank bob for that opportunity because many registrants continued with high prices and it was not uncommon to see $35 a year charged for the same service GoDaddy provides.

We also thank him for taking a stance and not outsourcing customer support to other countries.

He was one of the very few that continued to provide decent wages for his staff while Apple, Microsoft … all of silicon valley including Google outsourced to India, South America and Asia forcing intelligent technical staffs to find work in low paying jobs. There is no need for this when you value your staff, community and country.

Sometimes the bottom line or buying $3,500 bottles of wine vs $75 has to take a back seat when you see people who are forced out of the technology field are wasted in minimum wage jobs.

So, hopefully the buyer will be someone who shares the same values as Bob Parsons… The idea that people should pay a fair price and our neighbors matter… it will be hard to find someone like that.

From that stay at home mom who setup a recipe website to make some extra cash … to that 17 year old kid who scraped together some money to make a site featuring his software…. without your honesty and fairness many of us would have never taken that step…

Thanks Again Bob