Craigslist Gives In And Pulls Their Adult Services Section

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After many years and many lawsuits it seems Craigslist has finally given up on offering an adult services section. Recent attacks on the site have gone one step farther and accuse them of fostering underage prostitution.. you never really heard those accusations in the past and it most likely has something to do with treaties that the European Union is setting in place.¬† If you didn’t hear the EU is up in arms because England has opted out of the Human Trafficking program because they think it will allow other European countries access to their private police and court files.

I personally never use the site because its more of a yardsale atmosphere where on sites like Amazon or Ebay you have some if only a little buyer protection. This doesn’t mean the site isn’t a valued resource.

Since its introduction Craigslist has been one of the most active sites on the net and you can find something there to satisfy just about anyone.

When earlier attacks by State Attorney Generals on the Adult Services section lead to high priced legal battles over first amendment rights there seemed to be a work around for craigslist to continue listing this small but probably very popular part of its site.

Its not like everyone that visits the site is hiring an escort but you can bet most people even the most prurient have taken a look.

So what does this mean for Craigslist and the Adult Services industry? Not a lot. Craigslist will continue and most likely instead of seeing ads placed directly for paid services you will see massage or someone selling a big chest with french polish … the crap you see in every newspaper … but then again most telephone books have escort services¬† so what is this really stopping? nothing.

This is just a notch in someones election barrel….

If America is really interested in stopping human trafficing they should look at the 20 million illegal aliens in our country… are they all living on the streets? heck no .. 20 million people living on our streets would be pretty noticeable … so where are they?

They go to work right next to you and live down the street from you and no one even cares.

There is a HUGE underground selling everything from heroin to fake medications, Sex and weapons and that is the real problem… not some 20yo girl posting a notice on craigslist to earn $150 an hour for giving release…