Network Solutions Found Serving Malware On 5 MILLION DOMAINS

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alertIt seems that after six months someone finally tracked down one of the worst malware offenders and guess what folks it was Network Solutions.

It seems that many websites both active and parked were displaying a Network Solutions widget that installed malware on visitors computers.

Since many wordpress and other cms software backed sites have the ability to add the widget from a plugin or built in sidebar option the cause of the malware had gone unverified for a prolonged period.  Additionally since millions of the domains were parked they had their content generated from script..

Tracking the code back to Network Solutions was accomplished by discovering the widget in question is the “Small Business Success Index”, and it can be picked up on NS’ website and on Widgetbox (where an installation script is provided).

This is just dam sad but what is worse .. Network Solutions along with a number of domain name sellers and resellers are sitting on domains for months and years. The ICANN practice of re-offering a domain once a grace period has expired has now turned into horders of domain names keeping every domain that is given up by an owner only to offer it for Auction or Direct Sale for hundreds of dollars. And while the domain is parked these bastards earn banner income from advertisers.

Well I think maybe Network Solutions and all of the Hoarders need to be taken a look at because not only are they introducing poison to the internet they are restricting innovation by making it close to impossible to find a decent domain name now days.