Microsoft Backs Off Open Source Language Integration For .Net

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microsoft_logoMicrosoft since it worked with PHP to get it running on IIS has ventured into other open source language integration for .Net developers but it seems this has come to an end.

The Ruby language is the most apparent to be shelved but it is expected that others will never be realized as well.

Jim Schementi the program manager for IronRuby says the development staff has been reduced to one person. It seems like a Hollywood movie that gets shelved after filming only to never be released the .Net version of Ruby will simply fade away in the minds of developers until they accept other in house languages like C++.

PHP developers should most likely still see support as the amount of code on the web written for PHP is much larger now then any other language.

This may be sad for some people but Microsoft has never released a true web friendly programming language. Their development resources have always been geared towards independent desktop applications and they seem to do that better then anyone.

As a web developer I am very happy using a linux server for hosting as it provides everything I need and I can’t justify moving to a windows platform for any reason. However you won’t see me using anything but windows for a desktop because it provides so many more and robust applications with ease of use that can’t be compared.

Remember that cost to own is not only the initial layout but also the extended hours of training and finding work-arounds to get your work completed. For most of us that means finding a solution with the least cost overall and not debating social values while trying to earn money…