Wave Goodbye To Google Wave Development Ends On Failed Project

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google_logo_smHey if you don’t try something you never know if people will like it or not so I can’t really fault Google for its failure with Google Wave I just hope they didn’t dump too much into it.

When Google Wave was first introduced it was just after Twitter got popular but before it became a monster.

Unfortunately Wave was marketed as a Social Networking tool but honestly it isnt one. It is more like a Collaboration Site where people can share ideas in Groups.

Twitter on the other hand is the most useless success that was ever invented but lets not give Twitter all the credit … most of the success of Twitter came from the number of phone users that had adopted Texting as an Alternative to talking to people on the phone… I for one can honestly say I have never tweeted by phone and I almost never Text but I love Twitter … for what it is.

Google Wave really should have been merged with Gmail from the start and actually Google really should adopt the idea that Google is the main ap instead of introducing so many individual products.

If you have one or many Google accounts all of the other services should be available from within one login one account so people don’t think of separate sites or urls to do things.

That can be difficult to accomplish but it will save on overhead.

Oh well so Wave didn’t cut it .. that was not a real surprise but I would expect the code will be reintroduced in other parts of Gmail or Google in the future.