Over 60% Of Internet Users Support Government Spying On The Internet

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oh gees this is not reasonable… what have we done to our kids??

A European study announced results of a report about internet spying and hacking by government agencies and what was very surprising about two thirds of the study group found it acceptable for government agencies to install malware and spyware on personal, corporate and other government computers to mount attacks for both security and monetary reasons.

They did not go deep into the exact questions that were asked but it really makes you wonder.

Today kids are getting very useto going through metal detectors and patdown checks at school daily.  All of our cities and shopping centers have us monitored by video like lab rats.

It is like we are living a real life game of Big Brother but in the end the cameras never turn off and there is no prize.. not even peace of mind from security…

I don’t know about you but I am old enough to remember when CCTV was limited to banks.. even mini-mart gasoline shops didnt have them when I was growing up.

Today kids get expelled from school for bringing in a toy army soldier to kindergarten show and tell TRUE and everyone over the age of 10 and a half seems to have a camera or video phone.

This is a very different life then when I grew up and in many ways its much worse then anyone could have imagined.

If most people find it acceptable for our governments to hack into our computers or into other government computers or company computers for the reason of spying we have really given up our freedom and the worst thing is since our kids have never really felt freedom they don’t even comprehend what they are giving up.

very scary, and very sad