You Are Getting Screwed – How AOL And Yahoo Flood The Web With Generated Content

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moneyIf you are a content developer providing information about any subject out there your job just got that much harder. It seems that both AOL and Yahoo who are falling on hard times so to speak have decided to generate content that will flood and takeover search results.

AOL has hired thousands of freelance writers to generate this content and Yahoo just announced plans to put out a similar campaign with their recent purchase of Associated Content for a price tag of $90 million giving them access to more than 350,000 freelance writers.

It is basically the Walmartization of the Internet but when you are hiring writers to generate content it is more likely that you are going to endup with EHow type HowTos that describe the changing of a car engine as 1) buy new engine 2) take old engine out 3) put new engine in… and not content that will actually help people.

It is a sad situation for content developers / blogers that work hard to offer free access to helpful information because they have gone through the same problems as their readers. In return all they ask is for some ad dollars but AOL and Yahoo want to vacuum up every last penny they can get their hands on.

There will truly be a change coming soon for the internet and the FTC who is basically useless has already started an investigation into how this Generated Content will take away from major sources of news.

Disinformation and bad information with no accountability to anyone is what we will be left with as these black holes suckup revenue from great sites that are hanging on by a thread anyway…. What will be the reason to continue if no one is reading your content and it is lost time and money…