Have You Called Your Blog Today? WordPress Enables Phone Bloging

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wordpress-logoWe all love our blogs but don’t you hate that you can’t call them? Well you don’t have to feel sad  anymore since WordPress.com has enabled Post By Voice features for all their free customers.

The  feature is enabled in your dashboard and once you activate it you will be given a special key and phone number to call to post audio messages to your blog.

Hmmm I guess this could be a good thing.. I have seen some professionals mostly actresses that like to leave messages for their fans on call in 1-800 lines. I am not sure voice to blog will replace that because they are probably getting paid to promote the service.  Other people have suggested that this may improve the transfer of ideas when it is easier to explain something by talking… i don’t know.

I do know YouTube allows you to upload from your phone and I wouldnt be surprised if someone already figured out how to automatically grab that video and stick it in a post through a plugin or feed reader or something of the like…

Anyway the ability is there if you want it.

Just login and activate your voice posting then you can save messages up to an hour long.

If you have any dead time longer then 10 seconds the call will automatically end so don’t run off and get a snack.

And normal calling costs will be applied to your phone bill.

Twillo is behind the technology http://www.twilio.com/

and for more information visit