Apple Releasing iPhone Signal Patch That Won’t Improve Reception

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iphoneApple has announced a patch for their iPhone 4 and 3 versions that will recalculate the bar values for available signals.

It seems that the formula they used to display available signal strength was off by at least 50% so users that thought they had 4 bars only had two or less and anyone with less signal was getting calls dropped for unknown reasons.

Unfortunately this fix will not improve your reception it will only tell you that you have no reception. AT&T has been trying to improve their signal after bad PR has meant many users are relying on other technology to make sure they have a carrier that won’t drop signal.

At the very least this should allow users to understand why their calls were dropped and not place blame on the iPhone.

In another announced problem the iPhone 4’s antenna seems to be giving customers different results depending on how they hold the phone.

Tests have shown that if you hold the phone naturally with your fingers on the side and palm cupped behind the phone you may lose as much as 75% of your signal over holding it flat in your palm or strangely inside a case.

These tests may show that more work needs to be done prior to releasing products with high entry prices and extended contracts.

For more information visit Apples press release