Dell Knowingly Selling Crap Computers For Years? Thousands Say Yes

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It seems that Dell Computers is putting close to a Half Billion dollars aside due to complaints that they have been selling computers with bad components for years.

Reports of large batches of computers sold to corporate customers all going bad at once has sparked a number of investigations and many many complaints.

It seems that Dell probably outsourced a number of their board components to lower cost suppliers and if reports are correct told their employees to keep quiet about it when whole lots of computers were returned from educational institutions.  Dell support first denied the claims telling the customer that the computer was used improperly but as companies like Walmart, banks and hospitals began to return large numbers of computers there wasn’t much they could do but hope no one caught on or talked to each other.

If that is one thing you can count on you can always depend that IT Staffs whether in a small business or large will be posting to news groups… hitting the forms or posting their own pages describing what problems they are having at work. Really this is a great way to learn by others problems…

Anyway it seems that the investigation that started 5 years ago may result in charges of Fraud.

Yea I am going to cry for a company that loves to outsource to foreign countries…


blah no one cares.

Anyway if you bought a dell and it died you may want to investigate if you can get your money back.