British Music Industry Files DMCA Violations In Google Search Results

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The British Music Industry has filed complaints against Google because search results are returning links to Copyrighted Music.

Approximately 10 websites hosting files and probably thousands of webpages linking to them are under scrutiny by the group.

The content is not hosted on Google’s Website and Google is not hosting the pages that link to the files additionally the BPI group is not stating that Google is distributing or directly linking to copyrighted materials knowingly..

How far they can take this will be interesting to see. Some of the P2P networks that were shutdown in the past few years were targeted because of direct links to torrents that contained copyrighted material but this is not the case here.

What liability Google has seems to be more moral and not legal since Google has no direct connection to the sites or control over any copyrighted files.

What is interesting is that most of the music in the list is crap…

Read the complaint yourself

I tell you kids there is no reason to download crap anymore…

Just go to YouTube and make a Playlist then play it back all day long in a minimized browser window… You got to get your money’s worth for that $50 cable bill so it might as well be 24/7 music that is distributed by the Artists themselves.