SIM Card IDs & Email Of 114,000 IPad Users Compromised

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In what seems to be a very serious breach of security reports that hackers have been able to use AT&T’s own website software to obtain uniquely identifiable information on over 100,000 customers of their new IPad.

“Gawker reported that the information was obtained by a hacker group calling itself Goatse Security. The group used a script on AT&T’s website, accessible to anyone on the internet, to get the data.”

What seems to have been released is both email account information and the customers SIM Card information.

With this information it would not only be possible to track a customers conversations and use of the network but it may also be possible to track the location of an IPAD and thus the location of the owner. Although there have not been any reports of stalking it could be possible.

So, what can you do to protect yourself? It seems like this security breach was just waiting to happen and there was nothing you really could have done to protect yourself.

The important thing to do now would be to contact AT&T and make sure your system was not one of the compromised. If you were you should probably think about getting your SIM Card replaced and changing your account information. If you continue to use the same SIM Card then there is a possibility that your account could continue to be insecure or at least targetable.